Tenancy Application form

1: Applicant Information

2: Address History

Please provide details for the last 3 years

Please enter the applicants most current and last previous UK address by clicking We will verify this information on the electoral roll and your bank account.

3: Personal Information

4: Employment History

5: Guarantor Information

6: Current Landlord / Agent

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I hereby certify that the information provided is true and accurate and give permission for this information to be verified by third parties and disclosed as detailed above for the purpose of: Performing a credit search by a third party agency Contacting my current, previous employers and referees to confirm the details provided Fraud prevention, credit assessment and insurance decisions I understand that the results of these searches will be provided to the Letting Agent and/ orLandlord and accessed again in the event of a default in my rental payments. I understand that I can request the details of any credit reference agencies used so that I can verify with them the information provided. I understand that if I default on my tenancy obligations, this information may be released to authorised debt recovery agencies and could affect any future applications I make for tenancies, credit and insurance. I understand that providing false information may lead to early termination of any subsequent tenancy agreement. I have read and agree to be bound by the above terms. I also acknowledge and agree to pay the application fee of £25.00 per applicant (prior to the search) and understand that this fee in non-refundable in the event of my application being unsuccessful. Please pay the fee when requested via PayPal using reference: lee@tltpropertymanagement.co.uk NB. In accordance to the credit reference search, we are unable to disclose / discuss any items discovered in your credit file and you will be simply advised whether or not your application has been accepted. Accept our terms and conditions * *