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At TLT Property Management, we take the stress out of residential and commercial property owners in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Our services are designed so your role as owner is to sit back and relax. We will take care of all the rest for you.

Northern Ireland based TLT Property Management was founded in 2010 from the principle of treating our client’s properties as if they were our own. As Owners, we know what it means to need responses quickly to problems, to have transparent and accurate accounting, to want your property to be clean and well maintained, as well as ensuring there is a budget for what is required. But the one, core difference with TLT Property Management in Belfast is this:  CARING.

It’s caring about the experience all our clients have when they need help, whether it’s for a small accounting question, or properties requiring repairs.

 It’s about answering the phone 24 hours per day and being there when you need us.

 It’s about friendly people such as Trevor Lyle-Toal the owner of TLT Property Management who wants to help, and who cares about you and your family and your home.

It’s about caring about your finances and making sure you are paying as little as possible for expenses, while maintaining the high standard of your property that you want and deserve.

TLT Property management is one of the best property management companies in Belfast, Northern Ireland and knows how to do all of this and we do it very well.

Combine our high level of service and caring with our expert knowledge of property and letting management, and that becomes a rare combination in the Property Management industry for all companies.

TLT Property Management is Protecting Your Real Estate Investment in Belfast, Northern Ireland That’s the difference that makes us one of the best, fastest growing property management companies in Northern Ireland and Belfast.





TLT Property Management in Belfast respects your privacy 100%, so the information that you provide will remain strictly confidential. Nevertheless, a copy of your message might be stored in our records as a database entry for archival purposes.